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Hip Hop Therapy Online: Help Make Therapy Accessible To Youth Everywhere

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Black & Brown Youth Deserve Mental Health Support Right Now

With the whole world dealing with unprecedented times, the reason why Beats, Rhymes and Life exists has never been more evident than now. Young people are susceptible to dealing with mental health issues even more during this unprecedented time due to the many transitions in routine, learning, and disconnections to support systems like ours.

Pre-quarantine, our HQ space served as a safe haven for youth who utilized the space to access our therapy programs. While we are all staying positive in hoping that we are able to open our doors again, we understand the urgency for our programs to continue and our staff and leadership team have developed a plan to transition our services online.

By giving a donation as little as $25, you can be a part of the movement to make mental health services accessible to Black and Brown youth while they need it most.

With your contribution you will be:

  • Bringing hip hop therapy circles directly to youth through video conferencing
  • Contributing to website development to offer more resources online for youth for download
  • Supporting for our staff (activists, youth and alumni of our programs) to deliver these services

On behalf of the thousands of youth we have served and the ones who we will be able to reach with your donation, we thank you!

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